Emily (hippiewrites) wrote in liberalsunite,

What day is it? That's right, ELECTION DAY!!

!'Lo everyone. Do you know what day it is? November 2nd. And I'm sure you all know what that means. It's one of the most important days that we will ever witness in our teenage years. One that could change our future, the world, <i>everything</i>. And if you want a say in how this county's going to change, go out and vote.

If you're unable to vote, that doesn't mean you can't still participate. There's still time. I'm going to go  campaign with my Dad after school today. And it's never to early to start getting interested in politics. It is a crucial and imperative part of your life and everyone's lives. I can't stress how important this is, I just hope you go out and vote.
*Liberal Weiner*


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do you want to move to canada as much as i do now?
Yes, yes I do.. I say we all pack up and leave.
*cries hysterically* let's move right now! *starts packing*
I say we go to Canada.. anywhere but here.
You know, these past 3 years, I've been really interested in politics..Especially this past year. And I'm thinking about going into politics one day, just to improve the country. I know I can't save the world, but I could certainly help it.. By the time I'm running, we'll still be cleaning up after Bush's mistakes. I fucking hate Bush..I really do.
sometimes i think of going into politics, but i don't think i could afford it.....i really really hope, for the United State's sake, that Bush doesnt fuck up as bad as he did last term this time. And i hope that the overflow of republicans dont overthrow the democracy. i don't have a good feeling about the next four years, though. there should always be a balance between democrats and republicans.....there aren't enough dems this term, and i hope that's not gonna cost us. i almost wish bush would fuck up just to prove all the boneheads who voted for him wrong, but i'm not that desperate to make a point. not at the cost of lives and freedom.
That's the problem with politics now.. It costs so much money just to run for any sort of office, especially president. You've got to be filthy rich to even think about running for president these days. Personally this 'system of checks and balances' is failing our country right now. FL gets 27 reps and CA gets 35? I don't call that a balance. In this case, fortunately, CA was on our side.

I think I'm going to post later about all this. I think we should've listened to George Washington and we should never have started the 2 parties.

I wish those who voted Bush would finally realize what a mistake they made, but I agree. Certainly not at the expense of lives and freedom. I wish Bush would be impeached or something, but then the next in line would be Cheney. Whom, by the way, was aptly named. *snicker*