Emily (hippiewrites) wrote in liberalsunite,

Election 2004

Since when is the president elected by intimidation and slander?... I guess it's always been that way, but every time I see a campaign commercial, it depresses me. And like a good Zeppelin song, it makes me wonder.

What has happened to the world?

All politicians should be for their ideas about the future, what they want for this country. At this point, all I see in a Bush commercial is, not what Bush is going to do, but what Kerry can't do. And it's not just Bush anymore, either. I know that as we near November, it's going to get worse, but I can truly say that this past year, all I see it negativity.

And they call liberals pessimistic? They can kiss my ass, pardon my French.. er.. freedom?? I'm not sure I can even say that, I'm afraid I'll have to deal with the FCC!

Moving on, has anyone noticed that our rights are being stripped away day by dad? We don't even have freedom of speech anymore, let alone freedom of the press. You can't even super-size your meal at McDonald's, for Christ's sake. As far as I'm concerned, if the public wants to listen to 'explicit lyrics', clog their arteries, and play violent video games, more power to them. They're just going to rebellious if you tell them not to.

That brings me to the drinking age. Why was it changed to 18, then changed again to 21? At 18, you can die for your country, be tried as an adult, be EXECUTED, but you can't drink. Does that make ANY sense??

Half the problem with drinking these days, is that it's such a big deal in America. I think that's why the drinking age is heavily enforced here. In Europe, it's part of their culture (which I think, sadly, is also being lost). It's just not a big deal over there. Children are raised in some countries, to drink alcohol at the dinner table. Since they grew up with it, most of them know not to abuse it.

Going to Europe this past summer really opened my eyes. Everything over there is just so different. I was told, before I left the US, to leave my prudish ways at home. It's not like they're wild, crazy, immoral people or anything, they just don't obsess over the things we do... like nudity. Like alcohol, nudity is also not a big deal.

You know how they say 'sex sells'? Well it does, the only difference is, that over there, they can have nudity in their advertisements. Whereas here, we've got politicians covering Lady Liberty's breasts. I saw an ad for water in Naples, where it had a womans breasts right out there in the open, plastered on the walls about 300 times.

It's not like they've got nudity everywhere, it's just accepted over there. Atleast publicly. I mean, in England, they've got 'N-15' movies. They're basically the same as our 'R' rated movies, if I'm not mistaken.

Do they think they're protecting us from this 'vile trash'? I mean, it's a damned body for Christ's sake. WE ALL HAVE ONE!

I think that if we spent half as much time worrying about the real issues in our country as we do about censorship and other trivial matters, we'd be a lot better off.
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