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Name: Jessica
Age: 16
Education: Currently in 11th Grade
Political Party: Undecided
Political Views: Strong and Probably One-Sided(gotta be truthful, right?)

Now that the introduction of myself is done, we can go on to the good part. Lol.

I didn't exactly join this community in support of John Kerry. I actually hate the man, why? Probably because my parents do and I have nothing better to do right now then to follow them. YET, I do have my own views and they might be the same as John Kerry's but.. oh well.

First thing, gay marriage. Leave it up to the states. Who the hell is the government to say who can't be married. Sure, MANY people think its wrong and that it should be banned from America. But guess what. This is America. I think thats all I need to say about that.

Second thing, a little.. uh, retort, I guess(?) from Dani's post about racism. Not all rednecks sit there and say that(I dunno if you said some or what, cause I kinda forgot). Anyway. My family.. redneck. I'm redneck. My grandparents are rednecks. My parents are rednecks(well, actually not my Mom). Hell, my DOG is even a redneck. I know for a fact that my one of my grandmothers is.. well, I don't want to say racist.. she doesn't talk about it at all. Not around me at least. But from what my Dad has said to me, she doesn't like black people - or the black people that cause trouble. Same way with my late Grandfather. He'd watch cops and say.. "I bet its a black person they're chasing!" Of course my Grandmother would tell him to hush.

I'm thankful that none of that hasn't seeped into me though. You all still have to understand that some old people are like.. yeah.. way back when. So their values are still set on judging people by race. And our parents are almost the same way because our grandparents raised them that way. Racism isn't just formed, its handed down from generation to generation. If you tell your kids early in life to never talk to a black person and keep telling them that.. they'll grow up to be racist.

I think what I'm trying to get at is that there will always be racism, it won't go away. Back in the woods of the country, there will DEFINITELY be racism because, sadly, thats just apart of their lives. They aren't called rednecks and they aren't called hillbillies, I just like to call them racists. If you tainted a certain "group" of being racists then it ruins all the others that certainly don't think that way.

Which brings me into another subject, the Confederate Flag. Why do people call it racism? Its not. Its seriously not. Its a piece of history. Its apart of this country wether people want to accept it or not. I fly my Confederate Flag with pride because its the symbol of the South. It's not a symbol for racism, if it was.. I can promise you that I wouldn't be letting it fly on my house or whatnot. That flag stands for our history, the South's heritage and everything that went on during the Civil War(that was the war, right? Lol). Like the quote goes.. "Heritage, Not Hate".

Okay, my fingers hurt.. thats it for now. Lol.

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