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I'm not sure if anyone's heard of 'MoveOn', but it's a liberal political action committee. They're presenting a tour, aptly named "The Concert for Changed". They're touring to some of the United States 'swing states', in hopes to enlist new members.
They're coming to Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and Wisconsin, to name a few.
They're visiting 28 cities, and are performing 38 shows.
A few of the artists include Bruce Springsteen, REM, Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band. These artists are all playing at various venues, and will not all perform together. But if you're interested, I have a feeling it will be a great show.

I might be able to go with my Aunts to see Bruce Sprinsteen and REM on October 8th.

For more information, go to http://www.moveonpac.org/vfc/
You can also get your tickets there, if you're intersted. There is a complete band and show listing there.
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